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a year ago
They help us very well
a month ago
(Translated by Google) On 18.05.2023, around 03.00 at night, smoke rose from my vehicle at the entrance of Bolu tunnels. I pulled the vehicle to the right and towed it to the RENEULT-Dacia Ünsallar Private Service with a rescuer. As soon as the service opened in the morning, it was detected that the pressure lining of my vehicle was burned and since I bought the vehicle new, I did not know its history. and the front shock absorber and other maintenance were done for 17,500 TL. I would like to thank them for taking care of me from morning to evening that day, for tea, lunch and dinner, and for providing information about all the procedures carried out at this stage and answering all my questions patiently, and the last time the vehicle was checked. They did the balancing and sent me off. I have been using my car for 6 months. When starting in first gear, it was vibrating as if it was staying in high gear and there was a noise in the front left wheel. Since I was working in the sinkin...
- Ömer U
3 weeks ago
(Translated by Google) A workplace and service worthy of humanity. I congratulate everyone who has passed the test. If a person cannot have three groups of honest people in his life, it becomes difficult to live a healthy life. 1.A reliable doctor 2. A reliable lawyer 3. A reliable car mechanic... I am 49 years old and until this age I could not find the items in items 1 and 2. I went to this service by chance for the first time and I hope that after my age, I found what I was looking for in article 3. We will see... If you think that your rights are not violated when you go somewhere, you will never leave that place... They should not lose their good qualities in this workplace.... people must be gained before money... Every individual of our noble nation, from the villager to the city, from the ignorant to the educated, deserves noble treatment because of their faith in God... The rest is a lie world... We must prepare for the eternal homeland with all our actions... Best regards ...
- Ramazan C

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D100 No:408
14300 Merkez/Bolu

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